Woodbury Policy Receive Electric Vehicle: NYPA and Senator Larking team to provide emission-free GEM for Woodbury

Brian Warner
cell 914-584-5024

May 6, 2004


WOODBURY- The Woodbury Police Department has added an emission-free electric powered GEM to its fleet of patrol vehicles thanks to the New York Power Authority’s electric vehicles program.

NYPA President and Chief Executive Officer Eugene W. Zeltmann and State Senator Bill Larkin (R-C, 39th Senatorial District) presented the GEM to Town Supervisor Sheila Conroy and Chief of Police Robert J. Kwiatkowski during ceremonies Thursday at the police department headquarters. Senator Larkin contacted NYPA on behalf of Woodbury town officials, to secure the electric vehicle for town use.

“Under the leadership of Governor George E. Pataki, New York State has embarked on a comprehensive strategy to improve air quality and enhance energy independence. Electric vehicles such as the GEM help to lessen dependence on imported oil and reduce harmful emissions,” said NYPA President Zeltmann. 

Senator Larkin said, “I am pleased to have been in a position to ask NYPA for assistance in this important acquisition for the Town of Woodbury.  Not only will

this emission-free electric powered vehicle help conserve fuel, but it is another important step in protecting public health.  I commend NYPA President Eugene Zeltmann for his  strong support of the state's electric vehicle program, and I applaud the Woodbury Police Department and Chief Kwiatkowski for their vision and all their efforts to protect both our citizens and our local environment."

Town Supervisor Shelia Conroy said, “On behalf of the town I am pleased to accept this energy saving vehicle. We extend our thanks to those in state government who assisted the police department in the successful effort to bring this vehicle to the Town of Woodbury.”

Chief Kwiatkowski said, “The Town of Woodbury Police Department appreciates the donation of the GEM electric vehicle to our fleet by the New York Power Authority, and we thank Senator Bill Larkin and Assemblywoman Nancy Calhoun for their continued support.”

Detailing the department’s plans for the vehicle Chief Kwiatkowski added, “The vehicle will be utilized by our officers at our three shopping centers, at school events, in our parks and at other local community events.  We are pleased to do our part in furthering the use of emission free vehicles to improve our air quality and dependency on fossil fuels.”

In 2003, NYPA teamed with Global Electric Motorcars (GEM), a Daimler-Chrysler subsidiary, to provide 300 GEM electric vehicles to state and local government agencies, public parks, and state universities and colleges.

GEM passenger vehicles are powered by a 72-volt GE motor and a battery pack comprised of six deep cycle 12-volt batteries. The batteries are charged by plugging the  vehicle into a standard 110-volt outlet. With a full charge, the vehicles can operate for approximately 30 miles. With a top speed of 25 miles per hour, GEM vehicles may be driven on public roads that are posted at 35 mph or less.

The Power Authority has placed more than 700 electric-drive vehicles in service throughout New York State. NYPA electric transportation projects include electric station cars for commuters, all-electric school buses and electric delivery trucks.  The Power Authority is the nation’s largest supplier of electricity for public transportation, providing the power for New York City commuter and subway trains.