Power Authority Donates Computers to City Schools in Buffalo

Cathleen Blood

May 6, 2004


The New York Power Authority, which has a policy of providing surplus computer equipment to New York’s public schools, is sending 20 computers to Buffalo for use by students attending the Buffalo City Schools.

Louis P. Ciminelli, chairman of the Power Authority and a resident of Buffalo, said, “Governor Pataki has consistently provided strong support to public education. This program, developed at his urging, helps enhance that commitment by giving school children here in Buffalo, as well as elsewhere, access to technology that will help them prepare for productive lives and careers.”

The 20 computers for the Buffalo Schools have been turned over to Computers for Children, Inc., a non-profit organization formed to accept computer donations and arrange delivery and set-up in area schools.

"Computers for Children looks for corporate partners like the Power Authority to help support local computer programs to underserved students and schools,” said  Christine Carr, managing director.  “When a company decides to upgrade their computers and donate the gently used computers to Computers For Children--students win! This contribution helps us to put more computers into the hands that need them, and to minimize the disparity between the computer haves and have-nots.”

The Power Authority uses about 1,700 computers in its normal operations and replaces about 400 to 500 computers each year.

The surplus equipment is thoroughly cleaned and provided with a minimum of 64 megabytes of memory. The computers have been tested with a new installation of the operating system and any missing or broken parts have been replaced.