New York Power Authority Donates Computers to Utica City School District - Audio Excerpts

Audio Contact 
Michael Saltzman 

March 27, 2003

Audio Cuts with State Sen. Raymond A. Meier on NYPA Donation of Surplus Computers to Utica Schools

  • CUT #1 - :13 - Sen. Raymond Meier on the benefits of the computer donation to the JFK Middle School and the Hughes Elementary School.

    Incue- Computers are…Outcue- surplus computers.

  • CUT #2 - :15 - Sen. Meier citing the value of computers as educational tools.

:         Incue- This is great…Outcue- technological world.

  • CUT #3 - :23 - Sen. Meier citing the Power Authority’s long tradition of support for communities around the state.

Incue- Education is…Outcue- and create jobs.

Audio Comments by Bruce Karam, principal of the JFK Middle School, Utica
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  • CUT #1 - :18 - JFK Middle School Principal Bruce Karam expressing appreciation for the NYPA computer donation.

    Incue- I’d have to…  Outcue- receive them.


  • CUT #2 - :25 - JFK Middle School Principal Bruce Karam noting that the NYPA-donated computers will be accessible to the entire student body.

    Incue- The shared facilities. ...Outcue- their various classes.

For more information, see news release, or call…914-390-8181.