NYPA's Strategic Vision

In the technology age, constant access to electricity is central to everything from our communications and entertainment to our health care and food supply. We have become so used to low-cost, reliable, ubiquitous power that something that seemed like a miracle when it was introduced as a way to light up the night is now in many ways invisible. Yet the technology age is not just built on electricity, it is also creating enormous new opportunities for its production and delivery, making it cleaner, more reliable, and smarter. At NYPA, we are helping New York to define and take advantage of those opportunities, and our strategic vision reflects the need for talent, investment, organization and innovation that will carry New York and NYPA forward.

NYPA’s strategic vision is built on three pillars: Customer empowerment, infrastructure modernization, and resource alignment.

Expand NYPA's customer solutions offerings through the provision of a seamless bundle of services aligned to customer needs.
Develop an asset management capability and process to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our O&M and capital investments.
Make the generation and transmission system more flexible, resilient, and agile utilizing existing and emerging technologies.
Develop and implement a strategic workforce plan that ensures that NYPA attracts, retains, and develops employees with the competencies requires to achieve our goals.
Establish an enterprise wide system to identify, capture, organize and distribute NYPA intellectual assets.
Create a business process improvement function to increase productivity, reduce cost, and minimize potential environmental impact.
Our vision is a Power Authority that enables a thriving New York state through the provision of sustainable, affordable energy, stewardship of the state’s natural resources, and leadership in innovative technologies and energy efficiency services.

Strategic Vision 2020