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‘New York State, particularly in the downstate region, is in serious need of new generating facilities. The New York Power Authority... continues to play an integral role in meeting these needs.’

William J. Museler
President and Chief Executive Officer,
New York Independent System Operator

Photo of William J. Museler, President and CEO, New York Independent System Operator

"Investing in New York's Energy Future" - NYPA's new power plant in Queens will be the largest generating facility built in New York City in a quarter century - photo of construction


New York State looks to have just enough power generating resources to meet consumers' needs for the summer of 2003, but the reliability of the power supply could be at risk in the near future without the construction of new power plants, according to New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) projections.

"Because of the explosion in information technology, and the dramatic increase in the standard of living over the past decade, New York's appetite for electricity continues to grow," said William J. Museler, president and chief executive officer of the NYISO, which operates the state's transmission system and wholesale electricity market.

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