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Photo of Kurt Yeager, President and Chief Executive Officer, EPRI

‘Renewable energy is already beginning to ameliorate power generation’s environmental impacts as well as the economic disruptions caused by over-reliance on traditional fuels.’

Kurt Yeager
President and Chief Executive Officer, EPRI

"Renewable Energy for the 21st Century" - photo of solar panels


With uncertainties over the ability of traditional methods of electric generation to meet growing needs, the portfolio of renewable energy sources—solar, wind, hydroelectric and biomass—is ideally suited to make a major contribution while minimizing environmental impacts, according to the head of the electricity industry's research consortium.

"Electricity's role has grown steadily in scope and importance over the past century, reshaping people's lives while creating entire new industries and lifting industrial and commercial productivity to new heights," said Kurt Yeager, president and chief executive officer of EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) in Palo Alto, Calif.

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