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New York Power Authority 2003 Mission
Our history demonstrates that the underlying, and perhaps primary, purpose of the authority is to implement the State’s energy policy in the public interest. Affordable and reliable energy is one of the cornerstones of New York’s economic renaissance and NYPA has the resources and talent to play a leadership role in meeting the challenges presented by our changing industry.

We will retain and create jobs in New York State by:

• Facilitating the transition to competitive energy costs,
• Mitigating the cost of energy to business, to government and to consumers throughout the State,
• Delivering essential utility services that others can’t or won’t provide as well as we do,
• Promoting the development and use of electric transportation and other energy-related innovative technologies.
• Our total commitment to performance excellence will prove us to be “best of class” in key areas of our operations. This will ensure we preserve our bedrock financial strength and achieve true customer satisfaction and loyalty.

• We recognize that a talented, skilled and motivated work force, committed to the highest ethical standards, is an essential factor in meeting our goals.

• Our stewardship of our hydroelectric and fossil generating assets and our transmission facilities will help to assure a robust, diverse and economically beneficial energy mix in New York State.

• NYPA will achieve these goals consistent with our commitment to safety and the environment.

• We all are absolutely committed to change the way we think, act, measure ourselves and execute our business to produce these positive results.

Our customers and the people of New York State will be the beneficiaries of all that we accomplish.
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