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Photo of South Street Seaport Renewables and Energy Efficiency: Keys to the Future

Once it was the province of dreamers. Renewable energy, they said, was the coming miracle. But economists dampened the optimism, claiming that renewables were hopelessly more costly than energy that’s produced from coal, oil and gas.

Now, the Power Authority is proving the economists wrong. Wind, solar, fuel cells, the truly modern renewables, are not only increasingly economical, they’re also readily available. And NYPA is drawing on their potential, along with robust energy-efficiency initiatives, to loosen the grip of fossil fuels, improve air quality and usher in a new age of energy security.

This Annual Report focuses on the Power Authority’s activities in these areas and its efforts to promote economic development and strengthen the reliability of New York’s power supply, with comments by an expert on each topic.

From the Governor
From the Chairman and the President
Renewable Energy for the 21st Century
Leading the Way in Energy Efficiency
Helping Grow Businesses and Jobs
Investing in New York's Energy Future
Looking Back at 2002
Trustees and Officers
2002 Financial Report
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