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Documents and Reports

The following are some of the reports available on our website:


Power Authority Act

2014 Mission Statement and Balanced Scorecard (Includes Performance Measures and Results)

Major Authority Units

agency rulings:

NYPA Petition for Rehearing of FERC September 2012 Order


Annual Budget and Financial Plan

Annual Report (See financial section and accomplishments for NYPA's operations and accomplishments and the financial section for NYPA's financial reports)

Actual versus Budget - Net Income

Audit of Financial Statements

Management Letter of Financial Statement Audit

  • 2013 - no letter will be issued for 2013
  • 2012 - no letter will be issued for 2012

Auditor's Report on Internal Controls 2013

Auditor's Report on Internal Controls 2012

Assessment of the effectiveness of Internal Controls  (Management Report, page 26)

Projects Undertaken in Last Year

Litigation (See Note 11 in Notes to Financial Statements)


Debt Issuance Schedule 2013

Debt Issuance Schedule 2012

Investment Report

Audit of Investments 2013

Audit of Investments 2012


Procurement Guidelines (printer-friendly version)

Annual Report of Procurement Contracts:

Minority/Women-Owned Business Enterprise Utilization Plans

Board and Employee Information:

New York Power Authority Bylaws

Board Minutes

Committee Minutes

Trustees and Management

Organization Chart

Office of the Secretary

Code of Conduct

Policy on Lobbying Contacts

Number of Employees as of 12/31/2013: 1,642


Guidelines for the Disposal of Property

Personal and Real Property Transactions

Annual Report of Real Property

economic development:

2013 Report to the Governor and Legislative Leaders on Power Programs for Economic Development

Fee Schedules:

Electric Rates Updated January 2014