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Upcoming Webcasts:

The next meeting of the Authority Board of Trustees & the Canal Corporation Board of Directors will be held on Tuesday, March 21, 2017, at a time to be determined.

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Office of the Secretary (includes approved minutes of trustee and committee meetings)


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Webcasting of Public Meetings

The New York Power Authority webcasts the meetings of its Board of Trustees, its Governance, Finance and Audit Committees, the Western New York Power Proceeds Allocation Board, and the New York State Economic Development Power Allocation Board, sending live video over the Internet. This is in line with Executive Order No. 3 for state agencies and authorities to use the web to transmit proceedings that are accessible to the public under the New York Open Meetings Law.

Dates of currently scheduled webcasts are listed at right. On the day of the meeting, please visit this page to hear the live webcast. A link to this page is available on the home page.

You can also access the archive of the meeting the following day. The archived copy will be available for thirty days and will be available upon request for an additional three months.