March 25, 2014 – 8:30 a.m.

Clarence D. Rappleyea Building, White Plains, NY


1.      Adoption of the March 25, 2014 Proposed Meeting Agenda


a.                              Minutes of the Regular Meeting held on December 17, 2013

b.                              Procurement and Real Estate Reports (John Canale) 

2b-1     Procurement Contracts Activity

2b-2     Disposal of Personal Property

2b-3     Acquisition and Disposal of Real Property 

2b-4     Supplier Diversity Program Activities

2b-5     Inventory Statistics

2b-6     Fossil Fuels Activity  (Rod Mullin)

2b-7                 Corporate Finance Activity  (Brian McElroy)


c.                            Introduction to and Summary of Procurement and Real Estate Guidelines  (John Canale)


2c-1     Guidelines for Procurement Contracts (Clean andRedlined)

2c-2     Guidelines and Procedures for the Disposal of Personal Property (Clean and Redlined)

2c-3     Guidelines and Procedures for the Disposal of Real Property (Clean and Redlined)

2c-4     Guidelines and Procedures for the Acquisition of Real Property (Clean and Redlined)


d.                              Annual Review and Approval of Certain Authority Policies (Joan Tursi)


2d-1     Recruitment and Job Posting (EP 1.2); last revised 7/12/13;

2d-2     Transfer or Re-Employment in Public Service (EP 1.9), last revised 4/1/14

2d-3     Salary Administration Policy (EP 2.1); last revised 3/1/14;

2d-4     Salaried Non-Exempt and Facility-Based Exempt Overtime (EP 2.4), last revised 3/1/14;

2d-5     Employee Benefits Eligibility (EP 3.1), last revised 3/29/12;

2d-6     Vacation (EP 3.2), last revised 3/29/12;

2d-7     FMLA (EP 3.3), last revised 1/10/14;

2d-8     Leaves of Absence (EP 3.4), last revised 7/29/13

2d-9     Educational Assistance Program (EP 3.6), last revised 12/18/12

2d-10   Relocation Benefits for New and Transferred Employees (EP 3.8); last revised 1/1/10;

2d-11   Sick Time (EP 3.9), last revised 2/20/09;

2d-12   Attendance & Flexible Hours (EP 4.6), last revised 7/29/13;

2d-13   Reimbursement of Employee Meal Costs (CP 1.5), last revised 3/27/12;

            2d-14   Travel (CP 2-1); last revised 5/16/13


e.                               Ethics & Compliance Program and NERC Reliability Standards Compliance (Joseph Gryzlo/Randy Crissman)

f.                               Committee Appointments (John Koelmel)



3.      Board Committees’ Roles and Responsibilities (John Koelmel)

4.      Next Meeting