March 25, 2014 – 10:30 A.M. (approximately) 

Clarence D. Rappleyea Building, White Plains, NY



1.            Adoption of the March 25, 2014 Proposed Meeting Agenda

2.            Consent Agenda:

a.     Minutes of the Regular Meeting held on January 28, 2014

b.      Annual Review and Approval of Guidelines for the Investment of Funds and 2013 Annual Report on Investment of Authority Funds -- Resolution (Brian McElroy)


c.       Annual Report of Procurement Contracts, Guidelines for Procurement Contracts and Annual Review of Open Procurement Service Contracts -- Resolution (John Canale)


d.      Annual Review and Approval of Guidelines and Procedures for and Annual Report of the Disposal of Personal Property -- Resolution (John Canale)


e.      Annual Review and Approval of Guidelines and Procedures for the Disposal of Real Property, Guidelines and Procedures for the Acquisition of Real Property and Annual Reports for the Disposal and Acquisition of Real Property -- Resolution (John Canale)       


f.       Niagara Power Project Robert Moses Generator Step-Up Transformer Replacement – Capital Expenditure Authorization Request -- Resolution (Michael Mitchell)


g.      Procurement (Services) Contract – St. Lawrence/FDR Power Project – Massena Substation Auto-Transformer Removal and Site Preparation – Contract Extension -- Resolution (Andrew Sumner)


h.      Procurement (Services) Contract – Niagara Power Project – On-Call Testing and Inspection Services– Contract Award -- Resolution (Andrew Sumner)


i.        Procurement (Services) Contract – Niagara Power Project – Lewiston Pumped Generating Plant Life Extension and Modernization Program – Installation of Auxiliary Equipment Phase II – Contract Award -- Resolution (Andrew Sumner)


j.        Procurement (Services) Contract – Environmental Health and Safety Oversight Services for the South East New York Region – Contract Awards -- Resolution (Andrea Luongo)


k.      Procurement (Services) Contract –  St. Lawrence-FDR Power Project – Independent FERC Consultant's Part 12D Safety Inspection and Follow-up Services – Contract Award -- Resolution  (Robert  Knowlton)

l.        Procurement (Services) Contract – Information Technology Operations Network – Time Warner Cable Inc. – Contract Award -- Resolution (Lena Smart)


m.    Procurement (Services) Contracts – Business Units and Facilities – Awards, Extensions and/or Additional Funding -- Resolution (John Canale)


n.      Revisions to Expenditure Authorization Limits Table for Non-Hedge Physical Fuel-Related Transactions -- Resolution (Rod Mullin)


o.      Membership in Electric Power Research Institute (“EPRI”) – Renewal -- Resolution (Robert Lurie)


p.      Selection of Investment Manager for the Authority’s Other Post-Employment Benefits Trust Fund -- Resolution (Brian Liu)

q.      Annual Review and Approval of Certain Authority Policies -- Resolution (Joan Tursi)

r.       Release of Funds in Support of the Western New York Power Proceeds Allocation Act -- Resolution (Brian McElroy)

s.       Procurement (Services) Contract – Richard M. Flynn Plant – Well Water Pump Replacement – Contract Extension  -- Resolution (Andrea Luongo)

t.        Committee Appointments -- Resolution (John Koelmel)


Discussion Agenda:


3.            Q&A on Report from:

a.      President and Chief Executive Officer

b.      Chief Operating Officer

c.       Chief Financial Officer

d.      Chief Risk Officer


4.                  Power Allocations:


a.      Power Allocations Under the Recharge New York Program -- Resolution (Timothy Muldoon)    

b.      Allocation of Hydropower and Notice of Public Hearing -- Resolution (Timothy Muldoon)        

5.                  Awards of Fund Benefits from the Western New York Economic Development Fund Recommended by the Western New York Power Proceeds Allocation Board -- Resolution (John Giumarra)

6.                  2013 Financial Reports Pursuant to Section 2800 of the Public Authorities Law and Regulations of the Office of the State Comptroller -- Resolution (Thomas Concadoro)

7.                  Contribution of Funds to the State Treasury -- Resolution (Brian McElroy)

8.                  New York Power Authority’s 2014 Strategic Plan -- Resolution (Robert Lurie)

9.                  Appointment of Acting Executive Vice President and General Counsel -- Resolution (John Koelmel)

10.              Motion to Conduct an Executive Session

11.              Motion to Resume Meeting in Open Session

12.              Next Meeting