Awd-A012007final Procurement (Services) Contracts Awards EXHIBIT "15-A"

(For Description of Contracts See "Discussion") January 30, 2007



Amount Expenditures

Plant Company Start of Description Award Basis1 Compensation Expended For Life

Site Contract # Contract of Contract Closing Date Contract Type2 Limit To Date Of Contract


CORP SERV OVE ARUP AND 12/28/06 Provide for consulting 09/30/07 B/P $800,000 $800,000*

& ADMIN - PARTNERS, PC services to develop the

Procurement (4500134375) framework for integrat- *Note: excludes funding for optional Tasks 3 and 8

& Real Estate ing sustainability prin-

ciples into all Authority





LAW WARSHAW BUR- 01/01/07 Provide for legal ser- 12/31/08 S/P $1,200,000*

STEIN COHEN vices in connection

SCHLESINGER with claims for the

& KUH, LLP 500 MW Project

(PO# TBA) *Note: represents estimated funding for 2007