Exhibit B-2




Expansion Power


Company:                                  Associated Brands, Inc.


Location:                                   Medina, New York


County:                                     Orleans


IOU:                                          Niagara Mohawk


Business Activity:                    Manufacturer of dry food products


Project Description:                  The project will include the installation of new machinery and equipment. This includes blending and packaging equipment, HVAC, dust-collection equipment, two ribbon mixers, four bracelet-filling lines and associated equipment. In addition, the company will be modifying the interior of its building to accommodate the new equipment.


Prior Application:                     Yes


Existing Allocations:                1,000 kW of PFJ power (Ontario Foods)


Power Request:                        1,170 kW


Power Recommended:             170 kW


Job Commitment:     

               Existing                       208 jobs

               New                             21 jobs


New Jobs/Power Ratio:            124 jobs/MW (based on 170 kW)


New Jobs -

Avg. Wage and Benefits          $31,000


Capital Investment:                  $950,000


Capital Investment                   $ 5,588,235/MW

Per MW


Summary:                                  Associated Brands distributes products to the top 75 supermarket chains in North America. The company is seeking a hydro power allocation to help ensure that it remain an attractive option for the current and future production requirements of the corporate office. The company must reduce its cost to remain completive.