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ReCharge New York (RNY) is an economic development power program designed to retain and create jobs through allocations of low-cost power. Read more about it in this report on its effectiveness.

RNY is 910 MegaWatts (MW) of electric power: 455 MW of NYPA hydropower and 455 MW of market power procured by NYPA.

Eligible Criteria

The program is open to businesses and non-profit organizations. Certain entities are not eligible, including all retail businesses, sports venues, gaming or entertainment-related establishments, and places of overnight accommodation.

Evaluation Criteria

Allocations of RNY power are made through a competitive application process. All RNY applications are evaluated in consideration of the program's legislative criteria.


The New York State Economic Development Power Allocation Board (EDPAB) reviews applications and makes allocation recommendations to NYPA's Board of Trustees. NYPA's Trustees review EDPAB's recommendations prior to making final allocation decisions. Contract terms may be up to seven years.

how to apply

RNY applications are available online through the New York State Consolidated Funding Application (CFA), a single application for accessing multiple funding sources from the state. RNY is classified as a Low Cost Power program, accessible under "Direct Assistance to Business" or "Energy and Environmental Projects."


ReCharge New York (RNY)

Interactive Map of ReCharge NY Power Recipients

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