N.Y. Power Authority Completes Energy Efficiency Upgrades and Solar Installation at the Greater Amsterdam School District's Lynch Middle School

Paul DeMichele
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June 20, 2014


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WHITE PLAINS — The New York Power Authority (NYPA) has completed an energy efficiency project at the Greater Amsterdam School District’s Lynch Middle School in the Capital region. The energy-saving measures will save the school district more than $24,000 in energy costs annually.

The improvements were carried out under Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Build Smart NY program, a comprehensive statewide initiative to increase energy efficiency in public buildings. The upgrades remove 132 tons of greenhouse gas emissions every year.

“The Power Authority is supporting and implementing new energy efficiency projects at hundreds of public facilities across the state every year for millions of dollars in operational cost savings,” said Gil C. Quiniones, president and chief executive officer, NYPA. “Lowering the energy costs of public buildings is part of the Power Authority’s core mission and no facilities are more important than school buildings for achieving this goal.”

The improvements completed at the Lynch Middle School include the replacement of the school’s pool heating system, which now incorporates an automatic pool cover, a new high-efficiency boiler and a solar thermal hot water system, utilizing solar energy to provide hot water for the pool.

The water in the pool is pumped to a system of panels on the roof that contain looped copper piping. The water travels through the tubing, directly absorbing the radiant energy of the sun, before returning to the pool. A primary benefit of the solar thermal technology is that the system is able to heat the pool water year-round, offsetting the school’s reliance on natural gas.

In addition to the pool heating upgrades, the improvements feature a six-kilowatt solar photovoltaic array, which is part of the Governor’s NY-Sun initiative to scale up solar deployment across the state. The solar array was supported by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

“Congratulations to the Amsterdam School District for its commitment to reducing the Lynch Middle School’s energy use through energy efficiency and the installation of solar technology as part of Governor Cuomo’s NY-Sun initiative. The Amsterdam School District is a model for other schools looking for ways to reduce operating costs,” said John B. Rhodes, president and chief executive officer, NYSERDA. “Energy efficiency is the most cost-effective way to decrease energy use, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and protect the environment. With the addition of solar power, those benefits are extended even further for not only the school but the local community.”

“In addition to the anticipated cost savings, we have been pleasantly surprised with the added benefits that the automated pool cover has provided us,” said Michael Greco, project manager, Greater Amsterdam School District. “The cover—which can be fully deployed in less than two minutes—has completely eliminated the humidity problem that had made the building uncomfortable for years.”

“Thanks to the vision and leadership of Governor Cuomo and NYPA, the solar thermal improvements made at Lynch Middle School will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions while also cutting the school's energy costs,” said State Senator Cecilia Tkaczyk. “This is a real win-win for the school and the Capital Region.”

“The energy-saving improvements made at Lynch Middle School will make it more efficient and environmentally friendly, saving property taxpayers thousands of dollars for years to come,” said Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara. “Making these investments now will help ensure more money is available to provide our children with the quality education they deserve.”

NYPA oversees the implementation of energy-efficiency projects from an initial energy audit through completion and provides upfront financing, recovering its costs by sharing in the savings on customers’ energy bills.

The Governor’s Build Smart NY initiative stems from his issuance in 2012 of Executive Order 88, which calls for an increase in energy efficiency in state government buildings by 20 percent by 2020. The statewide initiative will save millions of dollars for taxpayers and create thousands of jobs while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. To date, New Yorkers have saved an estimated $45 million in utility costs under Build Smart NY.

With this latest initiative, New York’s role as a leader and first mover in shaping the future of energy remains firmly in place. By developing innovative market solutions, the State is delivering on Governor Cuomo’s commitment to transform the energy industry into a more resilient, clean, cost-effective and dynamic system. Working with State, citizen and industry-stakeholders, the way of doing business in New York is moving to a more market-based, decentralized approach. This means protecting the environment, decreasing energy costs, and creating opportunities for economic growth for current and future generations of New Yorkers. In advancing these new energy systems and solutions, New Yorkers will have improved energy affordability and efficiency without sacrificing their ability to live in a cleaner, resilient and more sustainable environment.

About NYPA:

■ The New York Power Authority has been designated as the lead entity via Executive Order 88 by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to form a central management and implementation plan to carry out his Build Smart NY plan to reduce energy use by state facilities by 20 percent by 2020. ■ NYPA uses no tax money or state credit. It finances its operations through the sale of bonds and revenues earned in large part through sales of electricity.■ NYPA is the nation's largest state public power organization, through the operation of its 16 generating facilities in various parts of New York State, participation in a unique public/private partnership to contract for power from a clean generating plant in Queens, and its operation of more than 1,400 circuit-miles of transmission lines. ■ More than 70 percent of the electricity NYPA produces is clean renewable hydropower. Its lower-cost power production and electricity purchases support hundreds of thousands of jobs throughout the state.■ For more information visit www.nypa.gov and follow us on Twitter @NYPAenergy, Facebook, Instagram, Wordpress, and LinkedIn.