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OPTION 1: Energy Reductions Only

Energy Reductions Only incorporates the NYISO's Emergency Demand Response Program (EDRP), and helps to facilitate the reliability of the New York State electric power system. This Option by reducing load during emergency conditions.

The New York Power Authority contracts with qualifying customers to reduce load upon request from the NYISO. This program is strictly voluntary and there is no penalty for non-compliance.

Monetary compensation is paid to customers enrolled in this program when they participate in curtailment events. The program also gives customers the opportunity to review and effectively revise emergency plans.

Option 1

Minimum KW


Minimum of 10 kW (must be measurable)

Curtailment method

On-site generation and/or interruptible loads


Generators require proper permitting by NYS DEC and applicable local permitting requirements


New York State

Curtailment period

January 1st – December 31st; Customer chooses what hours to participate


If the emergency is 4 hours or longer, the payment will be the greater of $0.50/kWh or the market price of electricity during the hour(s) of verified performance.

If the emergency is less than 4 hours, the payment will be the greater of $0.50/kWh or the price of electricity during the first two hours and the price of electricity during hours 3 and 4 of verified performance.

Customer will receive 90% of energy payment from the NYISO after NYPA receives payment from the NYISO.


Two hours; same day of event


Min. = 1 hour
Max. = Unlimited


No Penalties




Review of hourly interval metering
data will validate performance

Required Equipment

Installed integrated hourly metering device

Cost of Equipment

Participant is responsible for cost of installation of metering equipment (if necessary)

Option 2- Peak Reduction


Option 1 Option 2 Option 3a Option 3b