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National Renewable Energy Laboratory  The U.S. Department of Energy's research lab provides basic information on wind power  and DOE's wind research programs, along with links to other resources.


NYPA in the Wind

Photo of wind turbines

NYPA supports the development of clean wind power in New York State.  We're exploring, with partners, the development of an offshore wind farm in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Long Island and recently applied for a lease for the site.

We're also exploring the development of distributed wind resources with our customers.

We maintain a business registry for businesses that want to get involved in wind development.

In addition, we provide a market for wind developers by purchasing wind power or renewable attributes for its customers.

This site will provide ongoing updates on wind activities in which NYPA is involved. For more information on our wind power activities, please contact us at: NYPAWindPower@nypa.gov.