Project at a Glance

The Plan

  • Installation of 3 switchable capacitor banks: 1 at NYPA's Marcy Substation and 2 at NYSEG's Fraser Substation. This upgrade will increase the amount of electricity that can move along existing lines.
  • Replacement of NYSEG’s existing 21.8 mile Fraser-Coopers Corners 345 kV line with an upgraded line that will be installed on existing wooden poles and steel towers.

No Additional Property and Easements Needed

  • The improvements for this project will be implemented without the need to acquire any additional property and will use the existing right-of-way.

Estimated Schedule


4th Quarter

Technical Studies
Preliminary Engineering
Preliminary Licensing and Environmental Assessments

October 1st

Initial Application Filing with Public Service Commission


3rd Quarter

Final Engineering Design
Licensing and Environmental Approvals

  Installation of Series Capacitor Banks
Fraser- Coopers Corners Line Reconductorin

2nd Quarter Commercial Operation