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NYPA 100-MW Solar PV Initiative - For Public and Private Schools


Site Eligibility

NYPA is looking for schools with 40,000 square feet or greater of roof space and/or 1 or more acres of land that can accommodate a PV array.  The array will be installed, owned, and operated by a solar energy development company under contract to NYPA.

Site Information and Screening Process

Participating schools will be asked to provide NYPA access to the site so that information about the roof or ground location can be collected.  Examples of information needed for each school include: the roof age, roof warranty, schematics of the site, diagrams of the roof structure, single line electrical drawings and geotechnical data (for ground mounted systems.  Such information is typically available from the Architect or Engineer or School Maintenance Staff. Once compiled, NYPA will review the site information to ensure it meets NYPA’s PV Host Site feasibility criteria.  Once the screening is completed, the solar array will be designed and installed at the Host Site.

Project Implementation

The RFP for a solar developer was issued on January 27, 2010. A bidders' conference was held and 43 proposals were submitted before the bid deadline. These proposals are now being evaluated. If a school expresses interest in this program and meets the site selection criteria outlined above, the solar developer will contact the school for a follow-up visit to discuss full project details and confirm participation. Schools that elect to participate will be required to enter into a Host Site Agreement that leases the space needed to install and operate the solar array. NYPA will enter into a solar energy sales agreement with the school that sets the price the school pays for the solar power for 20 years.  In the first year, the school will typically pay the same price for electricity as it did before the installation.  Solar power is generally more expensive than conventional electic generation, but NYPA is working to access funds to minimize this price premium and offer clean, renewable solar power that is competitive with conventional fossil-fuel-based generation. Signing on at this time as a potential host site does not obligate the school in any way

If you would like to be considered as a potential host site for the NYPA 100 MW Solar PV Initiative please provide information about your school below.   Providing information on your school does not obligate you to participate in this program in any way.

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Submit a new form for each school. After you have submitted the form, you will be provided a link back to this page.


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